[Bf-committers] UV/Image editor is missing some things or that's a new feature?

Damir Prebeg blend.factory at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 13:05:46 CET 2010

These days I see a lot of things that are not bugs but actually new features
(like the lack of visual feedback while editing linked objects that are
having assigned modifiers) so I have to ask is this intentional before I
post bug report (of course, if the same report isn't there yet).

1. Missing coordinate editor for UV points (at least I don't see one -
currently there's only 2D cursor location editor).
2. UV point click selection/deselection isn't working correctly on a bit
denser UV grids
3. Snapping is acting pretty weird and unpredictable and there's actually a
Volume(?) snapping option
4. If image is already rendered, one can't activate UV editor until render
result is unlinked
5. Unwrap algorithm is creating non symmetrical UV grids although mesh it
self is perfectly symmetrical


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