[Bf-committers] MSVC project files end of life

Nathan Letwory nathan at letworyinteractive.com
Mon Aug 30 23:44:07 CEST 2010

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On 28.8.2010 2:04, Campbell Barton wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 4:01 AM, Lars Krueger <lars_e_krueger at gmx.de> wrote:
>>> My theory on why it doesn't work with Visual C++ 2010 EE:
>> Had a similar problem at work recently. Check for the runtime-dlls. They are not removed correctly or are a separate package (at least in our case).
>> In addition, a too-old scons-version, which is older than the msvc version will use the old libs/dlls, even with the newer compiler. I don't know about cmake, but scons gets the compiler version from the registry and some heuristics. Updating scons helped us.
>> --
>> Dr. Lars Krueger
> Regarding CMake MSVC project files giving problems with debug (python
> debug specifically).
> Just found this in source/creator/CMakeLists.txt
>   COMMAND copy /Y \"${LIBDIR}\\release\\python31.zip\"
> \"${TARGETDIR}\\python31_d.zip\"
> python31.zip contains compiled pyd files which IIRC have problems when
> running with a non debug python.
> Committed a change to copy the correct python31_d.zip file r31622 but
> cant test, would be interested to know if this fixes anything.

Will be testing and probably fixing CMake files where I can on short
term. Things I see that need attention for CMake to become even better:

* instead of .blender, copy to 2.53 (or whatever the current decimal
version is)
* unpack python31(_d).zip ot 2.53\python\lib
* ensuring builds are always OK. Currently it seems that building two
times in a row triggers different projects to build. I have the feeling
that there is room for improvement with makesdna and makesrna. Building
win64 debug often dies on makesrna.pdb/makesdna.pdb trouble.
* nice to have: integration of nsis installer creation as special task.

Maybe more comments/issues next week when I've had the change to use
CMake more with Blender. For now I like SCons still better ;)


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