[Bf-committers] MSVC project files end of life

Sinan Hassani sinan.hassani at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 21:01:42 CEST 2010

  On 8/28/2010 9:04 AM, <ideasman42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Regarding CMake MSVC project files giving problems with debug (python
> debug specifically).
> Just found this in source/creator/CMakeLists.txt
>    COMMAND copy /Y \"${LIBDIR}\\release\\python31.zip\"
> \"${TARGETDIR}\\python31_d.zip\"
> python31.zip contains compiled pyd files which IIRC have problems when
> running with a non debug python.
> Committed a change to copy the correct python31_d.zip file r31622 but
> cant test, would be interested to know if this fixes anything.
So I tried it again with Visual Studio 2010 EE (with no OpenEXR ), 
compiled "Debug" and this time it runs but I get a message that 
blender.exe breakpoints at:

Py_Initialize(  );


void BPY_start_python( int argc, char **argv )

So it fixes the previous issue.

So I think it's definitely a python library/dll issue.... from what I 
can see....

"Release" works just fine in 2010 EE.

But I want to mention that when I compile using Visual Studio 2008 EE 
everything works perfectly ("Debug" and "Release".


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