[Bf-committers] Proposal to unify UI float ranges

Thomas Dinges dingto at gmx.de
Sun Aug 22 12:14:56 CEST 2010

      Hi everybody,
we have quite some inconsistency in the UI regarding Button ranges at 
the moment.
We have Floats where 1 decimal is shown, 2 or 3.

And we have a lot of buttons where you click on one of the small 
triangle icons (right or left) and you can't see a difference, because 
the third decimal is changed but UI only shows 2.
That is bad and the user could think it's not working, cause his click 
doesn’t show any effect.

My proposal is:
Let's unify the view of the ranges like this:
Value is 1, UI shows 1
Value is 1.5, UI shows 1.5
Value is 1.55, UI shows 1.55
Value is 1.555, UI shows 1.555

More than 3 decimals
Value is 1.5556, UI shows 1.556
Value is 1.5556, UI shows 1.555

This way, we would save some space, as we don’t have to see 3 decimal 
digits when the value only needs 1 decimal to show correct. etc.

Second thing:
By clicking the Triangle Icons some properties increase/decrease by an 
amount of 1, 0.1, 0.2 etc. This is very inconsistent too.
For floats I would suggest to unify that as well, and increase the first 
decimal only. So 1.0 gets 1.1, 1.56 gets 1.66 and so on...
Any other values can be done via manual input.

What do you think?

Best regards,

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