[Bf-committers] MSVC project files end of life

Andrea Weikert andrea at aweikert.de
Wed Aug 18 19:07:08 CEST 2010


While I have in the past had good experience with the projectfiles and 
they worked well for me, I agree for the following reasons:

1. The effort to keep them up-to-date and working has increased by a 
considerable amount due to the many and fast changes with Blender 2.5 
development and it still doesn't seem to slow down. I haven't checked 
recently, but I believe they still don't install the files in the new 
locations and to be consistent also work would be required to move them 
into the build_folders. (This btw. would need to be fixed for the cmake 
files on Windows as well, but I think is much less work)
2. I have found myself with less time for Blender development due to my 
day job and I think I'd rather spend my time developing something rather 
than maintaining a build system that is probably the least used.
3. The project files generated by the cmake files are not perfect and I 
definitely had some linking issues where nobody could help 
(WITH_INTERNATIONAL), so I had to disable that. Still I think that 
probably it is better to spend time improving the cmake files rather 
than trying to keep the vcproject files up to date. Also with more 
people using the cmake files hopefully they can be further improved and 
fixed where necessary.

So +1 from me.


> Today I spent some more time reparing the MSVC project files after
> audaspace library update. While doing that I tested the project files
> generated by cmake and found them perfectly fine, also for debug builds.
> I see no reason to keep maintaining the old project files. If noone
> objects, I will remove them. Andrea, is it ok with you?
> /benoit
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