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On 13.8.2010 0:29, Dalai Felinto wrote:
> Hi Mehmet,
> I remember Blender once being available through Launchpad interface.
> That was awhile ago (2-3 years at least). I don't remember/know why it
> was removed from there. Is it still (back in) there?

Blender is still available on launchpad as a project, but virtually
nobody of our developers is active there. I tried to focus on it for a
while, but already attending to our own trackers is enough, and having
yet another tool in a different location doesn't improve efficiency.

I guess you could try using the launchpad interface - no idea really how
well that works with our repository being in our own SVN server. As
Dalai notes below, the .po files are directly in our repository, and we
also precompile the .mo files.

I'm not sure what current status is of localisation, bdiego knows best I


> Since then all I see is people translating the .po files directly from
> Blender sources (they can be found inside the /po folder).
> In Blender 2.50 however there hasn't been any commit on those files,
> for the strings available to be translated are probably pretty much
> outdated. There is not yet even a way to change the language of
> Blender UI/tooltips (as we have in 2.49).
> I hope this (email) is of any help,
> kind regards,
> Dalai
> 2010/7/30 Mehmet ERİBOL <mehmeteribol at gmail.com>:
>> Hi everybody. We are Ubuntu Turkey Translate Team. We want to translate
>> blender on launchpad. Is it possible? If we can translate blender to turkish
>> language we beliewe a lot of people will use blender from Turkey.
>> Thanks
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