[Bf-committers] Declarative UI Experiment

Elia Sarti vekoon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 20:14:09 CEST 2010

Ok I wrote it down and can be found here:

Note that as I said originally I don't think this type of format would 
be easier for developers but maybe could be so for users (I'd like 
opinions from them, especially riggers).

On a side note, as I saw mentioned the desire to have a more powerful 
(i.e. automatic) layout engine...

Not to sound pretentious but my original proposal for RNA groups of 2 
years ago warned about this, that we could have made a more automatic 
layout calculation, probably reducing current UI scripts by 70%.
Now that grouping information has been essentially duplicated into 
Panels but with the disadvantage that now this info is only stored in UI 
scripts and impossible to reuse in other areas (e.g. in the outliner).
Most of the code in my patch was for handling groups, the code taking 
care of layout automation was around 400 lines.
There's still the (now probably useless) patch and video on vimeo if 
anyone's interested (private as at the time I was asked to try and hold 
the hype on anything UI-related).

Elia Sarti wrote, on 08/10/2010 06:47 PM:
> I'll try to draft out a proposal/demo tonight.
> Campbell Barton wrote, on 08/10/2010 05:48 PM:
>> [...]
>> You mention how we could have 1 much more limited way to build UI's,
>> Id need to see some example of this to understand.
>> [...]

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