[Bf-committers] Declarative UI Experiment

Michael Fox mfoxdogg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 10:17:46 CEST 2010

There is one thing here that no one has seemed to have mentioned is we
are close to release date, and 2.53 has already become the defacto
standard of blender, which means a majority of people are using it and
developing addons and UI related stuff already and we are already
pissing them off with all the rna changes recently. 

So if we go ahead with all these proposed declarative systems then they
are just going to be fed up (i am very close, 'imagine' software anyone
or netscape for that matter) and not bother as the api is too unstable
and doesn't remain the same for long. This will severely cripple blender
in both the eyes of our long term users and higher up users. Limiting
the range of what blender can achieve due the lack of adequate

This fact is multiplied due to the advanced Python centric of the
proposed methods as this limits simple changes to those who know what
they are doing where as  the current api is easy and changed quickly
with copy and paste and the like. Like i have very little python
knowledge and i find the currently api much more understandable then
proposed methods, and view the current api as far more flexible.

any proposals to mix methods will only achieve utter confusion on behalf
of the user and any budding developer as they would not know what to use
and would be aggravated by the shear lack of consistency and consistency
is a corner stone of 2.5, and in recent times i have seen it thrown out
the window without a care.

So i propose is keep the api that we have, instead adjust and optimise
what is behind there and all these arguments about speed, its not the UI
falut, its improper use of notifiers and redraws, which has been
completely ignored or over looked, i view these new UI proposals as
putting a band aid on a broken leg with the main issue being ignored and
many agree with me.

This also look to me like over adjusting and concentrating on somthing
that shouldn't be, there is a huge bugtracker out there you know.

Michael Fox
Animator, Programmer
Training Resource and multimedia Studio
mfox at trams.net.au

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