[Bf-committers] New Blender Foundation/Institute crew

Thomas Dinges dingto at gmx.de
Thu Aug 5 17:04:19 CEST 2010

Hi Brecht,
first for all, we will miss you! But it's good news that you still will 
be involved with Blender.
It was a great time having you at the Blender project, you did lots of 
awesome work and it was great to see how Blender have grown over the 
past years, also thanks to your great contributions!

I wish you good Luck and Happiness at your new Job, i hope this will be 
a challenge for you with many cool moments and fun!

Best regards and my deepest respect,
Thomas Dinges

Am 05.08.2010 15:14, schrieb Brecht Van Lommel:
> Hi all,
> Here's a few more details on the changes. My contract at the Blender
> Institute was until the end of this month, and I've been contemplating
> a bit what I should do in the future. It's been great working here,
> and I'm very grateful to Ton, he gave me a lot of freedom to work on
> what I wanted to work on, and I've learned a lot from him in the past
> years. I feel like after 3 years I need a different challenge, just
> doing something a bit different, so I started looking around and found
> a job at Refractive Software, with the advantage that it's closer to
> where I live.
> I'll still be involved in Blender development, but again in my spare
> time as I did before I started working here. There's no non
> competition agreement or anything like this. I'll still work on
> getting Durian features merged into trunk, getting 2.5 finished, and
> other things after that, there's still many areas in Blender I'd like
> to improve in the future. In terms of internal render engine
> development however I won't be involved much anymore, focusing more on
> external render engine integration, but I'll of course try to get
> render branch features merged and help others understand how it works.
> Thanks to everyone who's helped out with development/documentation and
> supported open movie projects. Further, I'll still be on IRC, mailing
> lists, committing to svn, so no massive change there.
> Thanks,
> Brecht.
> On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 3:09 PM, Ton Roosendaal<ton at blender.org>  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> After three years of more than excellent services at Blender
>> Institute, Brecht has decided to move on with his career and accept
>> per september a position as software architect at Refractive Software
>> in Belgium, which is close to where he lives. He will be working on
>> the very promising Octane renderer, which caused many heads to turn at
>> the last Siggraph expo.
>> Brecht's position will be filled by Campbell Barton, who will start
>> working full time on Blender development, coder support, bug fixing
>> and Python design - working from his home in Melbourne Australia. Well
>> he did this mostly already, but now will be official and paid! :)
>> Currently Diego Borghetti is working half time for the Blender
>> Foundation on bug tracker support. This month I'll also know more of
>> our financial scope, but quite likely another full timer can be
>> recruited then for support&  fixing.
>> It's been a great pleasure and honour to have Brecht work for us in
>> the past years. He's done tremendously important contributions, for
>> which I certainly will miss him. Luckily Brecht will remain involved
>> with Blender, also as a developer in his spare time.
>> I wish Brecht all the luck and success with his new job, and welcome
>> Campbell to the team!
>> -Ton-
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