[Bf-committers] "Security" gets in the way

Daniel Salazar - 3Developer.com zanqdo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 03:00:13 CEST 2010

 I have a history of lost work and time with this so called security
features where blender decides to turn off drivers and ignore script links
and so on and you don't notice it until you have worked on a faulty
rig/scene for a long time or you have rendered some heavy frames and have to
do it all over again. In 2.5 since the inclusion of the "trusted source"
option this has done nothing but cause problems everywhere from teaching to
every day jobs; students load rigs that don't work and naturally they do not
know the difference, lost time with clients that in order to review a rig
had to turn on the load py scripts option and they didn't knew about it so
we all loose time, etc.

 Today I sent a render to the farm and when it finished the character was
all wrong.. so I spent a long time changing the .B25.blend files on all 17
machines (boot with X session, change preference, reboot again). After all
this I launch the render again and when it finished the problem is still
there. It so happens that rendering from command line ignores the .B25.blend
file... so not good. I had to export animation as MDD point cache and import
back as RVKs in order to workaround the missing drivers


 So my point of view here is: stop playing around with my scene *please*,
it's hard enough to get things working for blender to decide to break some
random part. And this is the point of view of someone with 8 years of using
blender almost every day, imagine someone new trying to figure out this


Daniel Salazar

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