[Bf-committers] A VoxelSculpt question (Farsthary)

Raul Fernandez Hernandez raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Fri Sep 25 21:27:29 CEST 2009

Hi again

> It's not difficult, instead of inserting any icon in UI_icons.h, you
> just rename one of the blank icons, for example ICON_BLANK063 or so.
> Then you need to figure out, where this icon is in the
> release/datafiles/blenderbuttons - it's a png file, which you will see
> if you rename it to blenderbuttons.png. This is not too difficult to see
> as the icons are in the same order as they are defined in the UI_icons.h.
> hope this helps,
> Andrea

 Thanks, it works Ok, now I can move on :)

@Nicolas Bishop:
  Yes I´m working with the rev22293, quite old in fact, due to my internet
access limitations I could not work in sync, though recently Lapinou has
send me a newer revision that I will try to migrate my code base to it.

 Thanks to all  :)                             Cheers

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