[Bf-committers] Setting a default system scripts directory

Ralf Hölzemer r.hoelzemer at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 21 20:19:31 CEST 2009

2009/9/21 GSR <gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com>:

> Locales should not be an user thing anyway.
Right. I was a bit too quick while typing.

> I looked at the issue time ago, and discarded due to no clear data or
> config separation, plus trying to find a solution that was cross
> plataform and worked also for unpack and install. Ohh, and the new
> problem of versioning, as with future versions many things that were
> hardcoded into the binary or stored in the .blends (so protected by
> SDNA) are separate.
Okay. That sounds like an awful lot of stuff to consider for storing
data and configs. I guess for the unpack scenario, xdg would be
worthless anyway.
I just saw the discussion going into the direction of location and
scan order of system and user files/dirs and thought the xdg spec
would be a perfect match on linux.

> That is why I wrote the spec & tried to call attention to it a couple
> of times, months ago. But now, with tight releases ahead, it feels it
> will be rushed and will have to be fixed down the road instead of
> having a system that could work years like SDNA did with .blends.
If you mean the spec at
then that's a real shame. I found the spec logical and predictable.

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