[Bf-committers] Setting a default system scripts directory

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Mon Sep 21 16:55:46 CEST 2009

In reply to Martin Poirier (theeth at yahoo.com):

I'm responding to Martin's post here but also to other stuff mentioned
above.  I don't think we should exclude windows and OSX in this as
Campbell suggested in the first post.  OSX is a unix variant and should
behave just like the others. (I'm ok with not using .blender for OSX
but I think it should have a "SYSTEM DIR" and behave in the same way the 
UNIX version does even if it uses slightly different directories to be more 
Mac friendly. 
I also think that unless your installing blender to /usr whatever you 
shouldn't put the "SYSTEM DIR" in /usr if you put blender2.5 in say
/opt/blender2.5  the scripts and what not should be in there, not in
/usr/share/blender2.5, thats the way all the other software works, don't
just assume everyone is going to install it in a specific location...

> Does that mean we're dropping support for having the .blender folder next to the binary? This is useful when running different branches with the same version number (think GSOC).
> If that's kept (I hope it is), I propose that <bin>/.blender takes priority over ~/.blender (IIRC, that's what it does right now).


I hate to disagree but I think this is just the opposite of how it
should work.  I think it does complicate things but maybe a solution is
to have ENV overrides that way I could have:
using .blender 

/soft/blender2.5/.blender (or whatever were naming it...)

then I could configure my env so if I'm using blender3.0
BLENDERDIR = ~/.blender3.0  instead of the default, ~/.blender


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