[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, sunday sept 13, 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Sep 14 20:28:38 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I could only shortly participate in the meetinig, had to leave to visit 
the www.ibc.org convention for a speaker rehearsal session... today I 
gave a talk about Blender and Open Content licensing issues. Which went 
very well btw!

To continue with off topic: At IBC, the Durian guys Colin (director) 
and David (concept art) and I spent at least 10 minutes staring at one 
of these 4k screens there. It's really 4 times more work to get things 
textured and modeled for this... oh my, what do we start! ;)

Yesterday developer meeting topics:

- There's a bug tracker for 2.5 topics open now.
In just 2 days, 47 reports in... don't encourage us too much please! :)

- Todo list in wiki: before submitting bugs, first read the todo list 
in wiki to check if the issue has been reported already anyway.

- Developers agreed on not moving issues to the "todo" tracker, unless 
noted down in wiki as a todo item. This wiki section then can also 
serve as an overview for (new) developers for fun targets to work on.

- Urgently needed still: roadmap plan for features and todos, also 
related to the 2.5x series... Ton vowed to have this done this week!

- New Bmesh project (recoded mesh editing and data structures, also 
allowing ngons) is progressing well. Developers of Bmesh agree on not 
rushing it in right now, to give the 2.50 targets (bring back blender 
to work) priority.

- Note: the svn trunk (the main tree) now has been fully replaced with 
the 2.5 code. Thanks Martin Piorier for the work!

- Brecht will review the Google Summer of Code project for faster mesh 
drawing (by Lukas S). Joe Eagar reviewed and OK'ed it.

- Nathan Letwory confirms the wrong meeting minute note about Collada 
library increasing Blender download so much... in fact the increase is 
barely noticable!

- Raytrace optimize project is nearly ready, but the developer prefers 
to tweak things this month still.

- The other GSoC projects will discuss with their mentors roadmaps for 
merging... or bounce it back to the mailing list for further reviews.

- UI decisions: we need formal method to get issues here moving on... 
especially smaller decisions like color defaults. People would love to 
have a standard theme and layout for video tutorials. For time being 
we'll work with Matt and William to coordinate us here, and when needed 
they should just decide.
Topics are always open to be posted on our bf-committers list.

- Dynamics: Janne Karhu (particle coder) proposes to unify the gravity 
parameters among all physics systems. He prefers to add a common 
gravity effector.

- Meeting ended with some confused remarks about how to name Blender 
2.5 releases... is it going to be "2.50 beta", "2.51 beta" until some 
2.6 final? Nobody knows yet, more light on this topic next week!


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