[Bf-committers] Broken CMake build of the "blenderplayer" project

Michael Forney michael at obberon.com
Sun Sep 13 11:15:47 CEST 2009

On Sunday 13 September 2009 00:47:59 Campbell Barton wrote:
> I'm confused since this patch is on trunk whereas the original mail
> refers to new libs in 2.5.
You'll have to forgive me, I am really not that on top of blender's 
development. I posted this here because I too had problems building 
blenderplayer with CMake and it seemed to match.

> not sure about applying the patch in what is now the 2.4 branch, I'm
> not expert enough in cmake but TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES isnt often used
> like this. (mainly in CMake/macros.cmake).
Yeah, I too wasn't sure if this was the best way to solve the issue but it 
worked for me, and it seemed simple enough. I've just had a look through 
various CMakeLists.txt and I seem to have a better understanding of the 
problem, but also realized that this is no longer be a problem in 2.5 (a lot 
has changed). And you are absolutely right in this not being the right way to 
do this.

> Since 2.5 is where most of the activity is and CMake isnt used for
> release builds I rather not put so much time into it.
That's too bad, I really like the CMake system much more than SCons or the 
other alternatives :(

> Though if someone with more experience with CMake can varify this
> patch it should be committed.
No, I think you can safely forget about that patch :)

I will have a closer look tomorrow. I can confirm that this is still an issue 
on the 2.4 branch.

In any case, I'd also like to confirm the problem originally reported in this 

Thank you Campbell for your response to my scriptsdir thread, I can see you 
put a lot of thought and effort into writing that.
Michael Forney <michael at obberon.com>

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