[Bf-committers] blender interface code questions

Diederick Huijbers | Apollo Media diederick at apollomedia.nl
Thu Sep 10 14:31:55 CEST 2009

Hi blender developers,

For openFrameworks (www.openframeworks.cc), which is a c++ library that is
used by artist, media technologists, to program interactive 
visualisations / installations,
I'm working on a nice GUI library which mimicks the wonderful interface 
of blender.

I'm still researching what's the best way to setup the code and I'm 
currently looking
at interface.c. If I take look at the code, I don't really see any OO 
patterns;  My first
idea, for the GUI lib I'm working on, was to create a couple of classes, 
like Window,
Pane, Button, Scroller, ColorPicker and some layout managers Grid, Rows, 
Though none of these kind of classes are in the blender code;  There is 
code for
grid like layouts but this is all done in a very "specific" way.

As the interface of Blender is very intuitive, rich and fast, I'm 
wondering why it didn't
use any OO patterns? Or maybe more general what were the code-design 
when you created the code for the interface?


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