[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, sept 6, 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Sep 6 18:36:30 CEST 2009

Hi all,

With 2.49b out, and the Google projects wrapped up, we spent most of 
the time on the 2.5 topic.

------ 2.5 progress

- Proposal: move over 2.5 branch to trunk next sunday, Martin 
coordinates it.

- Benoit wants to merge his new IK controller work, wil be done in 
close cooperation with Martin to ensure things go fine.

- Blender GE player has stub now... to map bad level calls in Blender 
kernel and RNA especially. Urgent note to not think this is a good 
solution... at least the stub code is in the player now, and not in 
Blender itself!

- Roadmap proposal... Ton still tries to get the big picture, to make a 
roadmap for the 2.5x series. All devs are invited to make sure they 
communicate their own roadmaps to this list and/or in wiki a.s.a.p.

- There will be a 2.5x bug tracker back within a few days. The team 
will maintain a clear todo list in the wiki, with a good overview of 
the features you cannot report on yet, or issues that are on the list 
to fix already.

- Nathan is continuing with his Redmine experiment: an alternative 
system for tracking svn commits and bug reports. 
Sofar it looks promising, he'll report back to us with a final proposal 

- Sound: in order to sync Blender playback with playing sound a 
different clock-timer approach has to be coded... Ton will coordinate 
with Peter and Joerg.

- We have to check best way of adding Open Collada lib in Blender. The 
library itself seems to be as large as Blender itself now. Adds about 
10 MB to download size...


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