[Bf-committers] Meta object ideas

Jiří Hnídek jiri.hnidek at tul.cz
Thu Sep 3 22:15:01 CEST 2009

I found more videos :-)



On 3.9.2009, at 20:45, Victor wrote:

> Hello.
> I have few ideas about new meta objects that I think would make
> blender more useful
> (The detailed description is below).
> I've already created C++/OpenGL/SDL prototype, but I won't be able to
> convert the prototype into blender
> code (busy with lots of other things). So I would like to know if
> someone is interested in implementing idea.
> Explanation of the idea:
> The idea is to implement 2 new objects:
> 1) "meta capsule"
> Picture:
> http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/329/metacapsule.jpg
> Description:
> Consists of two spheres (might have different different radius) aka
> "meta balls", connected by the
> "tube". Each sphere can be moved separately, and size of each sphere
> can be changed separately.
> Possible application:
> Limbs in meta models. Something similar to the limbs in spore  
> creature creator.
> 2) "meta mesh"
> Pictures:
> http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/6894/metamesh2.jpg
> http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/2954/metamesh.jpg
> Description:
> Contains several spheres and indexed "topology"(edges) which describes
> connection between them.
> Sphere are connected in the way similar to the "meta capsule". So each
> sphere can be moved separately,
> and size of each sphere can be changed separately.
> (Also it would be nice if meta spheres could be linked to bones or
> other objects, but that is another story.)
> About prototype:
> Prototype program is written using C++/SDL/OpenGL, only for testing.
> It is fairly slow, and calculations
> need a bit of optimization. I can give code (with permission to reuse
> portions of code into blender, converting them into gpl)
> to a person willing to (re)implement the feature in blender (it would
> be nice if that person have previously submitted code into blender
> that was accepted).
> So, is anyone interested?
> Victor
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