[Bf-committers] Meta object ideas

Victor altctrlsysrqb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 20:45:45 CEST 2009


I have few ideas about new meta objects that I think would make
blender more useful
(The detailed description is below).
I've already created C++/OpenGL/SDL prototype, but I won't be able to
convert the prototype into blender
code (busy with lots of other things). So I would like to know if
someone is interested in implementing idea.

Explanation of the idea:
The idea is to implement 2 new objects:
1) "meta capsule"
Consists of two spheres (might have different different radius) aka
"meta balls", connected by the
"tube". Each sphere can be moved separately, and size of each sphere
can be changed separately.
Possible application:
Limbs in meta models. Something similar to the limbs in spore creature creator.

2) "meta mesh"
Contains several spheres and indexed "topology"(edges) which describes
connection between them.
Sphere are connected in the way similar to the "meta capsule". So each
sphere can be moved separately,
and size of each sphere can be changed separately.

(Also it would be nice if meta spheres could be linked to bones or
other objects, but that is another story.)

About prototype:
Prototype program is written using C++/SDL/OpenGL, only for testing.
It is fairly slow, and calculations
need a bit of optimization. I can give code (with permission to reuse
portions of code into blender, converting them into gpl)
 to a person willing to (re)implement the feature in blender (it would
be nice if that person have previously submitted code into blender
that was accepted).

So, is anyone interested?


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