[Bf-committers] Weekly irc meeting minutes, oct 11 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Oct 11 18:40:18 CEST 2009

Hi all,

As usual, the highlights of the irc meeting.

*****  Bringing back 2.4x stuff in 2.5

- Ton happily reports the Durian team fully uses 2.5 trunk now! It goes 
sometimes with pains... but reports have been greatly tackled by 
Campbell and Brecht

- Missing features and todo items should still go to the 2.5 todo:

- Tom and Campbell will fill in the wiki todo for mesh, sculpt, 

- Mesh retopo: Angela (Durian team) missed it in 2.5, used 2.4 to make 
a first character remodeling. The retopo snap-to-Z feature is still 
much wanted. Nicholas, who coded it, rather not just moves the code 
over, too horrible. Martin checks on having it as a Transform Snap 

- Macro-ing operators still needs work. (like for extrude, loopcut). Is 
on todo list.

- Meeting agrees on sticking to 2.49 compatible hotkeys in the 
hardcoded (C code) keymap, at least for the first 2.5 beta. Some 
exceptions exist, but will be kept minimal.

- We also make a shortlist of 2.5 features to not enable in the first 
beta build. Some operators are only for test ("split region"), others 
are unfinished ("duplicate window" lacks proper local context).

- Once we have the detailed picture, a date for the beta0 build will be 
picked. Currently unknown, and quite uncertain if that's around Blender 
Conference (2-3 weeks).
Topic comes back next meeting and on mailing list.

*****  The 2.5 project work itself

- Note: Python scripts for menus or buttons should strictly use the 
Operator names themselves. In case the menu then becomes ugly, like 
with 10 items starting with Select, we'll either solve that in code, or 
with an additional Operator feature.
This is important to keep it all fit for future interface translation 

- Primitives; Tom Musgrove did a proposal for gathering custom 
materials, meshes and rigs in Blender. He will work on this with Jason 
van Gumster. Idea is to first collect good examples, and then work with 
a developer on the best integration code.

*****  Other Blender projects

- Nicholas Bishop mentions Sculpt speedup progress, testing VBO support.

- Arystan proposed to add his first test with rigid body support (via 
Bullet) in svn. Meeting preferred him to use his own branch first, and 
also make a nice doc describing proposal of how Bullet will work with 
our physics and animation system. Very promising!

- Damien reported (via email) that a Blender Cocoa 32 bits version is 
nearly done. Port work to 64 bits has more issues still, but mostly 
related to getting the right libraries compiled.
Test build is available already on http://www.graphicall.org


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