[Bf-committers] Weekly irc meeting, october 4 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Oct 4 19:15:16 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Short notes from today's IRC session:

1) 2.5 project issues

- Martin mentioned a keymap design conflict that has to be handled, and 
suggests a solution for how to combine 'tweaks' (drag mouse) and clicks 

- Dalai prefers to see more advanced support being added for python 
script dependencies, like executing a script on changing a variable in 
the UI. Issue is that this requires an updated dependency graph system, 
which is not in the first release specs yet. Ton suggests to at least 
put it on the 2.5 beta2 list, maybe beta1?

2) 2.5 beta 0 targets

- Reminder: the first 2.5 release will be devoted to get 2.5 work at 
least 2.4 level, with only a limited and well documented amount of 

- Tomorrow is official start of Durian project. Target is that they'll 
use Blender 2.5 exclusively for work in the studio. The first weeks is 
mostly concept and design work anyway, so it is pretty safe, and a 
great test.
Since Brecht, Campbell and Ton work with the artists every day, they'll 
also come up with a good shortlist of targets for a first 2.5 beta 
release. Expect next week more.

3) other current projects

- Martin is working on a network render, testers welcome:
Instructions are up to date but don't mention the web interface!

- Damien Plisson has an svn account now and works on the Cocoa port of 

- Tom Musgrove will send a proposal to the mailing list for creating 
good default primitives in Blender, especially for complete character 
models, rigs, and materials. Suggested is to make it an external 
optional .blend, which can be updated and released independently as 


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