[Bf-committers] Actuall usability of some tools and new features

Jon Sandström sjon at student.chalmers.se
Thu Nov 19 23:52:45 CET 2009

Brecht Van Lommel skrev:
> I think this is where we disagree
then i will not push this much further, i've made my point and i hope it 
has been taken, which i appreciate.
i must only once more say that the  proposed workflow co-exists with 
current, it does not replace it. how you use it is up to you. want to 
change the display settings of particles? do so, then the panel will 
minimize automatically, returning the interface to its default state, 
showing only velocity physics etc. Thank you for your opinions

while we are talking usability i would give another suggestion to the 
developers though.
currently i can see three big problems with the blender UI. the first 
has been discussed. the second is the very young toolbar. and the third 
is the not so young modifier stack. i will not adress the toolbar at 
this point as i have not given it much thought yet, however i have some 

the modifier stack problem:
the problem is quite big, and we can already see the effects in the 
current interface. since the stack displays all modifiers at the same 
time. it is difficult to handle many modifiers, but the main problem is 
that it is limiting the complexity of a modifier. Particles softbodies 
fluid, etc. all are modifiers, but at the same time they are not as they 
have their own tab. this system is hardly expandible. it limits future 
creation of advanced  modifiers and "plugin" modifier python scripts. in 
my opinion this is a very serious problem.

display the stack as a list (similar to materials list, and particle 
system list). when the user clicks on a modifier, the settings for only 
that modifier will be displayed. if the user selects multiple modifiers 
- display the settings for those. this would allow modifiers with 
multiple panels. The user wants to select all modifiers - press A in the 
list to select all

does not display all settings of the modifiers when the modifier tab is 
selected. - if this is desired, then make it display all by default.

Again, the problem is more important than the suggestion

thank you for your time

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