[Bf-committers] meetings for new developers

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 10:17:21 CET 2009

Recently it was suggested that we could have meetings for new
developers involved, heres some suggestions as to how I think it can

- not too frequently, this takes energy from developers and time to
set the topic and communicate whats going on.
- each meeting have a topic - this can at least be a starting point.
- Need at least 1 dev experienced in this area to show up.
- Would be great if blender nation would post a week or so before the
meeting, can show on blender.org also.
- Having someone to take notes and post would be good too.

* Who might be interested *
- technical users who want to know more about blenders internals
- people who are interested in how blender is developed
- anyone afraid to ask 'stupid' questions on the ML or normally on IRC.

* Please don't *
- use this as an excuse to bombard others with feature requests
- complain about blender only to 'motivate' others to fix ;)
- expect to learn specific areas eg: OpenGL, Python, C... there are
plenty of online resources.

(this should be worded more nicely)


- First Sunday of every month, 1 or 2 hr's before the normal developer meeting.
- start the first meeting after beta0 release
- first topic can be 2.5 - (macro's operators, rna, python etc),
further topics can be set on the ML.
- post on b.org, maybe blendernation too.

Who does what?
- me: arrange to have this posted on b.org assign topic, try make sure
specific devs can be online.
- (anyone?): run the meeting, keep on topic.
- (anyone?): record meeting log.

- Campbell

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