[Bf-committers] Particle surface reconstruction issues (Farsthary)

Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 14:01:09 CET 2009

An effective way to reconstruct a surface forn particules is using a Level
Set and maybe some particules outside this level set.

Am not experienced with this but you cqn find some papers on the Ron Fedkiw
Page (http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/) :
For exemple http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/papers/stanford2001-02.pdf(some
technique for surface reconstruction for grid based and particles
fluid simulation)

I hope it will help

2009/11/9 Raul Fernandez Hernandez <raulf at info.upr.edu.cu>

> Hi all :)
>  Check some new videos at http://farsthary.wordpress.com
>  The fluid is performing well so far, I have being able to push it to the
> current particle limit (100k particle) without much stress (though at
> those numbers is far from realtime ;) ) and Stephen is working hard in
> the stiffness code.
>  Currently I wanted to handle the surface reconstruction code but i'm
> facing some issues:
>  Metaballs could be used as instanced particles but only for relativelly
> small number of particles but metaballs always return a blobby fluid.
>  For Eulerian fluids (Grid based) is relaively straigthfoward to
> implement a meshing algorithm using the already discretized domain, for
> particles based simulations there's a hundred of papers explaining the
> particle dynamics but very few actually tackle the surface
> reconstruction and many approaches fall in the cathegory of discretizing
> a domain with grids.
>  But that's exactly what I want to avoid: using a grid domain for meshing
> limit the principal advantage of the particle fluid. So the remaining
> solution is using an octree/kd tree based scene domain, that although is
> still a discretization of the domain is transparent to the user and
> there's no need to define a domain at all, and here is where I get
> stuck.
>  I was reviewing the metaball's code since it performs the way I want
> (correct me if I'm wrong), it uses an octree to store the metaelements
> wich define a mathematical density function based on the distance to
> each metaelement ,and for polygonalization it march trough the cubes,
> but only the cubes defined in the metaballs.
>  What SPH particles need is similar but with a sligthly difference: the
> density function is not a mathematical returned value that depends only
> on distance to the mball centre, the density function should be returned
> from querying the ParticleSystem Kdtree.
>  Who was the developer of Metaballs?
>  Could someone suggest another approach?
>  Also why metabalss don't support material blending?
>                                 Thanks in advance           Farsthary
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