[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, nov 8 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Nov 8 18:11:23 CET 2009

Hi all,

1) Current projects

- GE logic editor design proposal was reviewed good sofar, Benoit now 
checks on implementation side of design.

- the iTaSC project now has a final end-user design details wiki page:

- Janne, Raul and other developers join forces on goo, slime and other 
fluid sim code.

- Brecht is progressing well on speedup of sculpting. Is still only in 
a branch available.

- Brecht proposes to rename math functions in Blender more logically. 
Discussion goes on now on the bf-committers mailing list. 

2) 2.5 project

- The 2.5 python api (espcially when using operators or WM conext) 
functions still badly. Martin notes this should be explicitly 
communicated to people to not use this yet, apart from tests, UI 
scripts or exporters.

- Schedule: we need still more reports in on final status of todo 
list... but things progress very good in many areas. First test build 
targeted to be released within 2 weeks now.

- Naming of the first test build keeps giving discussions, although 
everyone agrees it's not a release, but just the first standard binary 
to get user feedback on. Proposal is to call the test build "Blender 
2.5 beta0" still.

- Splash: proposal is to ask Durian team to make one, with sufficient 
space in splash to add usability and todo warnings!

-  Luca and Campbell are working on a way to automtically snapshot all 
panels via python to go into a Reference manual, which would lay a 
great foundation in writing the User Manual. Note that the UI (layout) 
should be frozen first, which can take some months.


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