[Bf-committers] While we're talking about naming conventions...

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Tue Nov 3 03:51:10 CET 2009

mikejamesbelanger at gmail.com (2009-11-02 at 1832.35 -0800):
> +1 for RenderGroups.  Funny, I was just reading the section of  
> Roland's book, explaining RenderLayer Layers, and how
> confusing they are.

Heh, I remember talking about Renderlayers time ago, for the very same
reasons, "too many layers". The outbox here says I suggested
Rendersets to the person that was doing an UI review then. Maybe this
time the term gets changed to something else instead of keep on
overloading layers (we could discuss groups term is also overloaded,
and collides in part as light groups are used inside renderlayers,


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