[Bf-committers] Shapes / Shape Keys - confusing terminology

Erwin Coumans erwin.coumans at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 05:49:23 CET 2009

You used two paragraphs to explain that your shape is a "blend shape", and
not a "collision shape" for example.

"blend shape" doesn't require such explanation, you can just use google or
wikipedia to figure out its meaning.

2009/11/1 Roger Wickes <rogerwickes at yahoo.com>

> +1 Shape. KISS, people!
> In Blender, an object can have many different Shapes. The ultimate shape of
> an object that you see in the 3D view or in a render is a blend of its Basis
> Shape and any other Shapes that exert an influence on that Basis Shape, and
> thus exert some effect the overall shape of the object. Each Shape is
> defined by the location and other properties of its defining points: for
> mesh objects, the vertex location; for NURBS objects, the control points,
> and for curves, the bezier handles.  A special note is that if an object is
> used in a special way, such as a Bevel Object to bevel a Curve, then as the
> shape of the Bevel Object changes, the modified shape of the Beveled Curve
> will change as well.
> Taking the mesh object as a simple example, the Basis shape for a human
> head may be a neutral, expressionless face. We then create a new Shape,
> editing the mesh to shape a smile for the mouth, and call that the "Happy"
> Shape. To go from a neutral expression to a smiling expression on the face,
> we (over time) increase the influence of the "Happy" Shape over the Basis
> Shape, eventually decreasing the Basis Shape influence to zero while at the
> same time increasing the influence of the Happy Shape to 1.0. The position
> of a vertex at any time is a blend of the Basis shape position and the
> position of that vertex in all the other Shapes, weighted by the total of
> all Shape's influence. For example, suppose, in the Basis Shape, a vertex's
> location was (0,0,0) and in the Happy Shape it was (2,2,0). If on frame 5
> the Basis Shape is keyed to have an influence weight of 1.0, and the Happy
> Shape is keyed to 0.0 influence, the vertex location would be [1*(0,0,0) +
> 0.0
>  *(2,2,0) ] / (1+0), or (0,0,0). If both the Basis and the Happy Shape had
> a weight of 1.0, the vertex location would be [1*(0,0,0) + 1*(2,2,0)]/(1+1),
> or (1,1,0) - half-way in-between the two shapes. By keying the influence of
> each Shape in time, you control the net shape of the object at each frame.
> Makes grammatical and logical sense to me...
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