[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, may 31, 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun May 31 19:18:54 CEST 2009

1) 2.49

Bugs found in the release!
- AO render gives bad pixels on tile corners
- Anisotropic friction in GE fails in cases
- GE crash with object texture coords

Conclusion was that we need an upgrade, but wait a week to collect more 
reports as well, to prevent too many a/b/c releases.

Ton will add an addendum link on the release page and log to point to 
the issues, and announce an update within 1-2 weeks.

SVN remains frozen, apart from showstopper fixes like features that 
worked in 2.48a, or bad crashers. Hopefully people can resist adding 
new goodies for a week! :)

Also help is needed for Windows build (2.6 python).
BTW: Jean Michel Soler offered to make mac intel 2.3 python build.

2) 2.50

Todo list of Brecht & Ton will be posted on bf-taskforce25 list today.
Help still needed for RNA wrapping, consult the 2.5 wiki if you want to 
see what, and communicate with Brecht about it!


Brecht will add initial particle RNA wrapper, for Janne to take over so 
he can help getting particles back.

Ongoing discussion on 2.5 list: using pep-8 Python standard for code. 
In general support for it positive, with exception for the strict max 
80 character line rule. Readable well flowing code is more important 
than splitting up lines.

3) GSoC

Jingyuan has a problem with sending notifiers for updates, Ton will 
assist her in IRC later.
Arystan, Chingiz & André shortly reported too.

Ton expressed concerns about progress of Lukas' project (VBO, gl 
array). Brecht will be standby in IRC for help/feedback this week. This 
project is complex, and it would be helpful if we can define first 
simple steps to work on.

All six GSoC delivered their first weekly report. Those interested in 
progress, or to help out reviewing, join this list:

4) Current projects

Jörg Müller (neXyon) proposed to bring back sound in 2.5 with a new 
sound system.
His initial ideas are here:
But he has to flesh out the real API still. Peter Schlaile would like 
to see proper sequencer support, with callbacks to fill audio (mix) 
buffers, and a good timing sync system.

Feedback and ideas very welcome! Topic will come back on next meetings.


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