[Bf-committers] Static linux version, drop?

Olivier Saraja olivier.saraja at gmail.com
Wed May 27 07:38:24 CEST 2009


2009/5/27 Ken Hughes <khughes at pacific.edu>

> Good.  I cleaned up some of the library dependencies, added descriptions
> in the debian/control and debian/copyright files, and built 32-bit and
> 64-bit versions based on 9.04:
> http://www1.pacific.edu/~khughes/blender_2.49-1_i386.deb<http://www1.pacific.edu/%7Ekhughes/blender_2.49-1_i386.deb>
> http://www1.pacific.edu/~khughes/blender_2.49-1_amd64.deb<http://www1.pacific.edu/%7Ekhughes/blender_2.49-1_amd64.deb>
> Booting from the Live CD, the 64-bit version claims to have all the
> dependencies met.

I confirm that Blender_amd64 works too on a desktop machine with an Nvidia
graphic card (proprietary drivers). I did not give it a real try this
morning because I have to leave for work. Blender doesn't show anywhere in
the Kmenu of the KDE, though.

I had no complain about any dependency, because a few days ago, I installed
the version of Blender that can be found in the ubuntu repositories, so the
classic dependencies have been already been dealed with beforehand.


Olivier SARAJA

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