[Bf-committers] Static linux version, drop?

jmsoler at free.fr jmsoler at free.fr
Sun May 24 09:58:08 CEST 2009

Selon Reuben Martin <reuben.m at gmail.com>:

> There are many people trying out linux in place of windows for the first time
> who have no concept of repositories. They come stumbling into the forums
> looking like lost sheep, wondering why the linux package they downloaded from
> blender.org doesn't just install itself like it would in windows world. A

As the windows installer is a problem for a lot of win2000 users (or win nt)
since Blender 2.40 and vista users too (just try to explain to a new user how to
install a new script in the menu), why don't we  drop it too ?


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