[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes May 10 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun May 10 18:09:28 CEST 2009

Hi all,

Here's notes of today's discussion:

*** 2.49

- RC2 is now online, and published on blender.org
- GE team still works on fixes and tweaks, would prefer an RC3 even.  
Will be announced thursday latest.
- GE API is still with some open ends, this week last chance to add it!
- Patch for sound on OSX intel will be checked and committed if OK
- Call for demo files still, just email to this list!
- Bug tracker! I'll check on all bugs this week too.
- 3dconnexion devices now work on win64

*** GSoC

- All SoC students will present a good doc of what they'll work on.
- Everyone: check docs in progress here:
- Artists should especially check on the light paint proposal for  
- Official start is in 2 weeks.

*** Current projects

- 2.5: not much news now, other priorities and holidays. Layout  
scripters really need the templates now for datalinking, preview  
renders, etc. Is on top of list.

- New compo node by Vilda:
   Based on:
   Ton noted; would be much nicer for these extensions if we had  

*** Durian

- William Reynish friendly pointed at fact 2.5 itself also deserves  
attention still :)

Further, several enthusiast reactions to help with this;

- Vilda already has cool explosions:
   Erwin suggests to integrate with Bullet physics
- Janne will explore massice sim via particles. (incl things like 5000  
worms flood a character).
- Someone pointed at Farsthary GI hair:
- Ton will discuss with GEGL coder (Pippin) if there's opportunities  
for compositor.

Also having access to Nils' new smoke-fluid-sim would rock! Combined  
with volumetrix of course.


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