[Bf-committers] Python Scripts 2.49

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Sat May 9 15:12:11 CEST 2009

Refined proposal.

1/ New Bundled Scripts.
Following from this discussion:
updates on progress/final submissions ready for Sunday Meeting 10 May 2009
thanks to Ideasman_42 for the script reviews.

2/ External Script Bundles.
Following last weeks meeting discussion,
The proposal is to release Bundled External Script Packages.
To have them available via Blender.org.
I would suggest http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/extensions.
It could be linked from the main download page. somewhere near the
regression files section.
The External Script Bundles can be ready to coincide with 2.49 release, or
shortly after if desired.
The http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/extensions page could have
the direct downloads.

I would be noting on the page that:

These script bundles are designed for use with Blender 2.49.
To use these scripts a Python 2.5/6 install is recommended/required.
Some external python modules may be required.
(Python Image Library, Psyco plugin, others, if any, will be listed.)
These script bundles are provided 'AS IS'
Bug Fix Support for these scripts will be limited or nil.

Please check the Blenderwiki Scripts/Catalog or in Blender use the:
Blender Internal Help Menu/Scripts Help Browser for Help.
Links are provided in every script to the BlenderWiki page for that script.
This prevents bpydocs from linking to dead sites.
The Blenderwiki pages provide links to the Authors sites & documentation.
You may or may not find Updated Versions of the scripts there.

All scripts work within the boundary's of their context.
Some scripts may produce negligible (small, insignificant) errors
That means they all work, but if you push their boundary's too far,
obviously you may/will run into problems.
This is the same for any software/script, push it too far = you will break
End Disclaimer.

I have already set most of this up, including bpydocs written in all scripts
& wiki pages for all included scripts.
All scripts are GPL, CC, BAL..

The scripts will be available in one download which will be a copy & paste
install, multi platform.
This includes scripts & internal bpymodules.
All scripts are in folders that can be pasted directly into the
.blender/scripts location.
The folders also match the menu's the scripts appear in or in some cases
scripts may have their own folder.
External Bundled .py files are represented by '=' equal sign as the first
character in the file name.
All External scripts are represented in the Script Menu/s with an '_'
underscore as the first character in the Menu name.
This is the method I have used to separate Internal from External Scripts.

This has been a large community project, spanning several Continents &
The result of hard work by many people, over several years.
Feedback from script authors has been very supportive.

Brendon Murphy.
(meta-androcto) forums/irc
(Scorpion) Blenderwiki.

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