[Bf-committers] .blend file format + struct browser

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Thu May 7 14:22:58 CEST 2009

Interesting, did Jeroen use his own software to extract the SDNA? 

The readblend library can extract all information from any .blend file as 
well. Here is a proof of concept, that reads the .blend in memory, and 
converts the triangle meshes, textures, Bullet physics objects and current 
camera position to Irrlicht+Bullet. Next on the todo is converting logic 
bricks. Main purpose of this project is to have a BGE player under the 
ZLib/BSD/MIT license, without (L)GPL parts. 

(only a Win32 precompiled binary, an OSX universal build will follow soon) 


Ton Roosendaal writes: 

> Hi, 
> Sometimes people can surprise you tremendously! :) 
> Out of the blue we received links from someone who fully documented the 
> .blend format, and made a browsable DNA struct overview: 
> http://www.atmind.nl/blender/mystery_ot_blend.html
> http://www.atmind.nl/blender/blender-sdna-249.html 
> Kudos to Jeroen Bakker, I'll invite him to maintain this on blender.org! 
> -Ton- 
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