[Bf-committers] BGE: VBO + display list reactivated

Benoit Bolsee benoit.bolsee at online.be
Thu May 7 11:36:34 CEST 2009

You may have noticed this commit log:
I forgot to mention something in the commit log: I have reactivated the
combine use of VBO and display list, which should provide some speed up
in the rendering. This possibility was ruled out in the BGE due to a
problem with ATI card: 
// workaround: note how we do not use vertex arrays for making display
// lists, since glVertexAttribPointerARB doesn't seem to work correct
// in display lists on ATI? either a bug in the driver or in Blender ..
This was some time ago and I think it's worth testing again. 
Could some ATI card owners test the BGE with trunk and report any
problem here? Of course don't forget to activate display list ;-)

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