[Bf-committers] I volunteer to maintain the 'deprecated' BGE python methods

blender at erwincoumans.com blender at erwincoumans.com
Thu May 7 03:30:30 CEST 2009

I agree, once we switch to Python 3.0, we can ditch those methods. 

Will Blender 2.5 use Python 3.0?


Mitchell Stokes writes: 

> I'm in aggreance with most here that we can ditch it. Especially if we
> move to Py 3.0. This would mean that most if not all the script would
> break anyways. Furthermore, We'd have to update the get/set methods,
> and the props to make sure it compiles (and works) with py 3.0. And we
> will be clearing out a lot of code when we finally remove the
> deprecated functions, making the code easier to read. I can help you
> update your test files if that's the only thing keeping you from
> wanting to get rid of the old api.
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