[Bf-committers] I volunteer to maintain the 'deprecated' BGE python methods

blender at erwincoumans.com blender at erwincoumans.com
Wed May 6 17:44:16 CEST 2009

I am against the plans to remove the deprecated methods in the BGE python 
API (setPosition etc.), and volunteer to maintain those methods myself. 

(new members have been introduced to the Blender game engine python API, to 
make it easier to access and assign data. obA.position = [1,2,3] instead of 
method obA.setPosition(1,2,3) 

1) increased compatibility with recent BGE books.
2) it is easier to upgrade old scripts to Blender 2.5 and later
3) always the option to using methods is more consistent: rather then having 
to remember which parts of the API are properties in disguise and which 
still use methods
4) there are no big gains of removing the deprecated methods: the new API 
will be tested by all regression tests
5) keep the deprecated methods as an undocumented/unofficial feature.
6) I'm volunteering myself to maintain them for the time being 

I'm more happy to slowly let this API fade away, and remove them from the 
python self-documentation, and make it an undocumented/unofficial feature. 

So unless there are big objections, please let me just maintain this 
existing BGE python API as an undocumented/unofficial feature. If someone is 
tempted to removing the deprecated API, can you please get in touch we me? 


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