[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, sunday may 3 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue May 5 11:02:13 CEST 2009

Hi all,

*** 2.49 RC:

- Several bugs in GE code were tackled, but GE bugs in RC1 prevented  
good testing.
- We still need more regression test files, mail links to this list, I  
will gather and publish
- Both Benoit and Erwin will do some work still, and would prefer a RC2  
- Campbell proposes to bundle 2.49 officially with Python 2.6 (except  

Meeting agreed on calling for a 2.49 RC2 this thursday. We'll further  
evaluate status of this build next sunday.
Everyone's of course invited to help emptying the bug tracker! :)

*** Script pack

We also discussed Brendon's (meta-androcto) work on collecting Python  


He proposed to offer a "script pack" on blender.org, download page,  
with all high quality community scripts. People are enthusiast about  
it, will come back next meeting. Two side notes for it:

- it should go with a link to good documentation of the scripts  
(Brendon agreed)
- the scripts should be GNU GPL compliant (I added this note now, we  
can discuss that but it seems to me a fair demand for blender.org  
distributed scripts).

*** GSoC

- Chris want points all students and mentors to start up communication
- Officially this is still "getting to know each other" period.  
Official start is May 25
- Ton reminded students to first make sure they have the specs for  
their project in wiki, especially end-user level documentation to  
clearly define what we can expect, and to get useful feedback.

Work already started!

GSoC project links could be collected here:



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