[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes june 21, 2009

Ken Hursh kenhursh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:51:54 CEST 2009

> - We need more OSX building support: Mike Belanger offered help to join
> the release team. Also Jean Michel helped with intel py 2.3 version. An
> OSX PPC maintainer would help too.

Hi Ton,
I saw that you were calling for more OSX maintenance support in the meeting
notes.  If you need, I can help on this too (OSX Intel 10.5 / Py2.5).  I do
daily builds of 2.5 on graphicall.  I build with py2.5.4 as default, but I
have done 2.6 and 3 before as well.  I've worked with Dalai a few times in
the past (doing custom OSX Dome builds for Paul Bourke's uni project - both
optimized and non).

On another note, I've experimented with the various build systems...and I've
noticed that I get much slimmer builds from make ( I just did the latest
trunk checkout - and a full compile with all options (w/audio fixed) comes
in at 18.3MB (zipped)).  This versus the same with scons (at 25.5MB).  The
only difference I can tell, on a quick glance, is that blenderplayer in the
make version, doesn't include international stuff.  Not sure if that's
needed in the player...I can upload it if you want to check it.

Make:  Blender.app = 40.9MB / Blenderplayer = 20.2MB

Scons:  Blender.app = 41.3MB / Blenderplayer = 33.6MB

Anyhoo, if you need a hand you can always poke me on irc (inazuma).

Thanks and keep up the great work :)

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