[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, june 14, 2009

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Jun 14 18:06:56 CEST 2009

*** 2.49a release

Last chance to get bugs fixed!
Wednesday morning release AHOY, thursday out!

*** GSoC reports

As usual: reports are here:

Meeting went over a couple of tech issues from students...

*** 2.5

- Campbell worked on getting GE to run... still WIP, but promising. 
Animation support will be tough though.

- Ton will port over old logic buttons to 2.5, using a new space type 
(space logic).

- GE Player: must take care of proper deps, no WM code dependencies...

- Nurbs: Eman has time to check on porting it over, will come with a 
doc soon

- Icons, feedback from jendzrych coming (to bf-taskforce list)
   Ton will make sure dynamic loading icon png works again

- Jörg (Nexyon) will start work on sound in 2 weeks.
   Some questions about size of proposed sound resample lib SRC...

- Need better todo list for everyone to check on goodies!

*** Other projects

- Joe mentions BMesh could get workable in 2 months

- Janne likes to get point cache feedback:

- Daniel does cool smoke sim stuff:

- Benoit progresses with dynamic controller IK. Needed some advice 
about proper UI, since this new system actually is logic based 
(constraints can switch dynamically on inputs)


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