[Bf-committers] Compositor behavior change (Roger Wickes)

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Tue Jun 2 21:32:15 CEST 2009


> I think 2.5 (via the UI previs videos) shows any size proxy (even 200%) 
> is selecteable, not just the ones AE has.

I think, it's time to clear up the discussion a little bit, since that 
definitely _wasn't_ the thing, Daniel is talking about :)

Current state in Blender since Blender 2.46 actually is:

The render size setting is used (or misused see below :) ) as a tool to 
configure the proxy rendering system of the sequencer.

Take a look here: 

I did that, since I didn't want to re-invent any wheels. Actually, these 
render size setting is in fact a tool, to quickly generate low resolution 
pictures / animations without the hassle to manually tune resolution 

So as I thought, semantics fit very well proxy rendering settings (those 
are actually low resolution preview anims). So I used it.

Nobody complained since then. :)

Last week, I used proxies really heavily for the first time and was pretty 
much annoyed, that the preview window doesn't keep it's size, if you 
switch between final rendering mode and proxy resolution setting.

So I changed the preview code to make it keep always the final render 
output resolution (thereby upscaling the proxy video, if one chooses 
smaller render sizes like 25%, 50%, 75%).

That annoyed Daniel, since he obviously liked the old behaviour for some 
odd reasons, I still haven't really understood. (Those are preview 
resolutions, actually, otherwise you would have chosen different output 
render sizes, right?) To put that straight: I think, the problem lies in 
the fact, that we both have different interpretations of these little 
render size switches.

Anyway: what I still miss, is the use case, where the old behaviour is 
less annoying.

If there is a serious use case, my proposal is, that you can choose either 
in userpref (Ton will kill me for that, I'm sure, so not a very good idea 
:) or within the new per preview rendersize switch, which pretty much 
resembles that of After Effects, I must admit :) (Something like "Unscal" 
for unscaled as an additional option.).


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