[Bf-committers] [SUGGESTION]Wrapper scripts which copies system wide content into ~/.blender

Jochen Schmitt Jochen at herr-schmitt.de
Tue Jun 2 20:00:43 CEST 2009


during packaging blender for Fedora I have to find out, that the plugins 
which should be loaed
from blender has to been provided on ~/.blender. Unfortunately, packages 
which should
provide plugins for blender copy thier content on /usr/share/blender/, I 
have wrote
two wrapper scripts, which should create symbolic links to the files on 
to solve this issue.

The attached wrapper scripts contains a mechanism to dicide beetwenn 
blender and
blender-freeword, because the usage of ffmpeg is not allowed on blender, 
so I' m developing
an extra package for rpmfusion.org, which should privide ffmpeg 
functionally as an
additional feauter.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt
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