[Bf-committers] Deprecated methods in Blender Game Engine SVN (2.5 to be?)

Mitchell Stokes mitchell at daboys4u.com
Tue Jan 27 23:25:35 CET 2009

> 1) All the methods are going to be backward compatible? That means, we
> have the warning as we have now, but the "old" function will still
> work?

Yes, the old methods are backward compatible. The only thing changed
in the old methods is that they now display a warning; they still
function the same.

> 2) Can we have an option to silence all the warnings? If I want to
> release a game, I don't want the warnings to be printed for example.

Yes, there is an option in Game->Ignore Deprecation Warnings and there
is also a game options flag for blenderplayer:
game.exe -g ignore_deprecation_warnings = 1

> 3) Can the warning message shows the current script name/line where
> the warning  comes from? That way it will make easier to convert "old"
> files.

As of right now, no, they don't display the line number. I would like
them to so as you said, it would be easier to convert scripts.

> 4) Will all conversions (script updates) be as simple as
> [sensor.isPositive()] ==> [sensor.positive] ?

This should be true for the most part. In some cases, a bit more work
would need to be done. The case I'm thinking of is with positions. In
the following snippet:
var = obj.position
var[0] += 5

obj.position is changed since it just points to the original list
(obj.position). So, the following would have to be done to get a copy:
var = obj.position[:]
var[0] += 5

So, converting some parts will be a bit more work than others, but it
should still be pretty easy to convert we are mostly replacing methods
with equivalent properties.

> 5) Any timeline to have this work done? How much more time/work need to be done?

We are hoping to have this done by 2.5 so that everything can be done
at once (ie, don't throw a new api at people after they had just
gotten 2.5 figured out). However, progress has been slowing done. You
can track the progress via this tracker entry:


And this wiki page:


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