[Bf-committers] Deprecated methods in Blender Game Engine SVN (2.5 to be?)

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 21:21:51 CET 2009

Good afternoon :)
I've been following the updates in the BGE Python API, and have a few questions.

1) All the methods are going to be backward compatible? That means, we
have the warning as we have now, but the "old" function will still
2) Can we have an option to silence all the warnings? If I want to
release a game, I don't want the warnings to be printed for example.
3) Can the warning message shows the current script name/line where
the warning  comes from? That way it will make easier to convert "old"
4) Will all conversions (script updates) be as simple as
[sensor.isPositive()] ==> [sensor.positive] ?
5) Any timeline to have this work done? How much more time/work need to be done?

Why am I asking this?
We are about to start a new project at UBC, using BGE as the
development and release platform (gameplayer). Eventually even using
the webplugin (if we have something stable by the end of 4 months from
now). We will probably need Video Textures, for we will can't rely on
2.48a as the release platform.

As the trunk (SVN) is already using the new API, I'm not sure if we
should try to write all the scripts using the new API, or keep using
the old one.
If the conversion from old files to new ones is going to be
smooth/easy. We are ok  with sticking to the "old" API. Otherwise it
will be a waste of resource that I would like to avoid :/

If the new API is raising incompatibilities, I even thought a Blender
2.49 release could be handy for BGE scripters (assuming we could have
it stable and running for it).
Otherwise we will probably uses a SVN build made after 2.48a, after
VIdeoTexture release, but before the API rewritten.

I look forward for a feedback on this :)


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