[Bf-committers] How about adding boost uBLAS library toblender/extern?

Konstantinos Margaritis markos at codex.gr
Mon Jan 26 16:25:27 CET 2009

Στις Monday 26 January 2009 17:05:16 ο/η Mathias Panzenböck έγραψε:
> According to a Prof. of mine[1] loading/storing from/to SIMD registers is
> in fact slow and should be avoided.

Yes, which is what I said, but if the algorithm in question is complex enough, 
the cost of load/save is almost negligible.

> Just my two cents,
> panzi
> [1] http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/anton/
> Here his work was used: http://webkit.org/blog/189/announcing-squirrelfish/

interesting article thanks.

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