[Bf-committers] Speeding up sequencer scopes drawing

Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 14:36:17 CET 2009


I use a lot the scope views in the sequencer, and having 4 of them opened at
the same time (histogram, vectorscope, waveform and separated channels
waveform) really slow down "time navigation". (each time we change the
current frame the scopes need a lot of time to actualize)

I read somewhere (don't remember where) that some commercial NLE programs
use a subsampled version of the image (16 entire lines evenly distributed of
the original image) to create the scopes. The trick in blender would be to
make each scope view use the same subsampled image (if each view recalculate
his own subsampled image the preformance gain won't be the same). Maybe
adding a scope view that show all the scopes in the same view is a simpler

Further, maybe the subsample fct (or an other fct) can convert all float
image to int so the scope drawing functions for float image can be dropped
to keep the code base smaller.

I will make fiew tests to investigate this, but please (Peter) tell me what
you think.

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