[Bf-committers] Trouble with numeric input buttons (BlenderPocket)

Salvatore Russo russose at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 00:55:06 CET 2009


I am facing a bug making me some troubles ;) I really don't know how to 
track (and then solve) it. Here it is:

On my PocketPC, I am using a virtual keybord to enter names and numeric 
values in buttons. It was working perfectly with BlenderPocket 2.42 but 
with the 2.48 version:
1) it works perfectly with alphanumeric input buttons like Object names, 
2) On numeric input buttons (only!), the value appears in the button 
during the typing but then, when I press "enter" or "left mouse", the 
value is not accepted by the button and the previous value remains in 
the button.
3) I face this problem on my PocketPC but also on my desktop version 
where I compiled Blender with all my modifications.

I investicate in searching functions that where blocking the numeric 
value entered in a button (like "ui_check_but") but it was not 
successfull. I also thought that it was coming from my changes of GHOST 
(especially the GHOST_SystemWin32.cpp) but compiling Blenderpocket on my 
desktop with the original version of GHOST_SystemWin32 didn't solve 

Can someone give me some information on what is specific to numeric 
input buttons and where the input could be rejected? Or any other ideas 
to hunt this problems ;)

Thanks for your help,

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