[Bf-committers] Wiki reorganization proposal

Willian Padovani Germano wpgermano at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 01:04:18 CET 2009

Hi Jean-Michel,

jmsoler at free.fr wrote:
> Selon Willian Padovani Germano <wpgermano at gmail.com>:
>>  From experience: many script authors are eager to have their scripts
>> bundled with Blender, but once that happens, they lose interest in
>> improving them.
> Hi Willian,
> from my personnal experience : it is a real problem to get a script correcly
> updated on svn when the original author without svn rights  makes "thrue"
> corrections.

Yes, I was thinking mostly about docs, but you raise another relevant 
point. The bf-scripts project should have corrected that with commit 
rights, but we were not able to sustain it back then.

Hopefully this new project will attract enough interest and from what 
mindrones, ideasman and Kent have written, svn access for script authors 
and trackers to post updates should be good ways to keep track of things.

But the plot thickens :). This also reminds us that to try to avoid 
issues with updates, we need clear guidelines about how to manage script 
updates when opinions differ.


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