[Bf-committers] Wiki reorganization proposal

Willian Padovani Germano wpgermano at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 16:21:17 CET 2009


mindrones wrote:
> 2) People wanting to contribute have to give permissions with a proper license  in the script itself.

 From experience: many script authors are eager to have their scripts 
bundled with Blender, but once that happens, they lose interest in 
improving them.

So I strongly suggest stricter rules here, something like:

To be committed, a script must:

1) have a proper license;
2) have good documentation;
3) work in all the platforms we want to support;
4) be approved.

#4 is already covered in mindrones' proposal, where he says that people 
involved with the project decide if "a script is useful and technically 
ok". These people can also help script authors with #3 above (if 
platform specific scripts may be bundled with Blender is another topic).

Docs and UI are important enough to be considered subprojects here:

Docs: it's better now to discuss and find a good way to have scripts 
documented. We can start looking at what we have (Scripts Help Browser, 
Catalog, Manual).

UI: it will depend on what Blender 2.5.x will allow us to do, basic UI 
guidelines, etc. But early discussions are important, together with our 
previous experience and available examples, to help define what we need 
from 2.5.x.


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