[Bf-committers] Wiki reorganization proposal

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 16 15:22:37 CET 2009

Hi Cambpell,

--- On Fri, 1/16/09, Campbell Barton <ideasman42 at gmail.com> wrote:

> So were still not sure if all blender scripts will go into
> bf-extensions or not?
> for me this is one of the biggest changes suggested
> (regarding script
> re-organization).

I'm for moving bf-blender's trunk/release/scripts to bf-extensions/scripts/trunk/2_4x. in order to use bf-extensions as a central for scripts.

We are sstructuting bf-extensions tracker 
so that we can define a workflow for scripts (and plugins) to go in bf-blender's trunk properly

This is the suggested workflow.

1) Scripts without permissions won't go in bf-extensions tracker or svn, and in wiki documentation meta-androcto will put a web link as he does now. These would be called "External Scripts".

2) People wanting to contribute have to give permissions with a proper license in the script itself. They can share new scripts in "Py Scripts Upload". In every script page others can discuss and paste patches. I'll make a proper Patches tracker for scripts and plugins also if people need/use them (same for bugs).

3) When people involved in python (you, jesterking, migius, meta-androcto, etc) decide a script is useful and technically ok, that script can be moved in the "Py Scripts Contrib" tracker and the script can be pushed in svn under bf-extensions/scripts/trunk/2_4x/contrib.
When people checkout bf-blender svn:
- under trunk/release/scripts they find scripts from bf-blender/scripts/trunk/2_4x/
- under trunk/release/scripts/contrib they find scripts from bf-blender/scripts/trunk/2_4x/contrib

Since people will find those scripts in svn, they will start to test more than now (in IRC you mentioned graphicall.org especially, since they have a great user base): this means scripts have a chance to be improved more quickly.

As you suggested here and in IRC, with the proper scons option these scripts would be kept out of svn by default, and this is what would happen at Release time: platform managers keep out bf-blender/scripts/trunk/2_4x/contrib from compilation.

5) When a committer decide to move a script from bf-extensions/scripts/trunk/2_4x/contrib to bf-extensions/scripts/trunk/2_4x/ he is effectively releasing it, since from then on it will be also under bf-blender/scripts/trunk/release/.

6) At release time we will close bundled/contrib scripts tracker pages, just to open new ones with new bundled/contrib scripts and with a clean page. This gives us a bit of history about discussions and proposed patches, and also, meta has a referral to take scripts all from the same source for wiki documentation (now he zips scripts files and manually put them on http://wiki.blender.org/uploads). Also, eventually no broken author's site link.

The same workflows goes identical for Plugins (bf-blender's svn takes from bf-extensions' svn)

In the trackers I'm putting the same categories we see in wiki (author, blender version, python version, group, link, dependencies, etc), I hope this can lead to a better organization.

Also, you mentioned we could put BBB scripts under Contrib, I think this would be very useful!

Sorry for the long mail, hope this helps :)





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