[Bf-committers] Render Layers and render size problems (50%, 25%, ...) to be addressed in 2.5?

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 05:02:29 CET 2009


As some of you may know, the Render Layer system always use absolute
values for its tools.

For example, if you use a Crop node cutting half of the image, once
you change the render size to 50%, the result will be completely
The same problem happens with Translate node, and when you use an
external image as Input (according to the size of the render,
different parts of the image will be displayed). I guess Blur node is
also affected by this (the scale of the blur radius).

I'm not familiar with the Render Nodes code, but it looks like we
would need to use a transformation factor (0.5, 0.25,...) relative to
the render size *everytime* we are using absolute values (or at least
in the cases above).

The reason I'm writing it, it's because I'm wondering if this is the
kind of think that could/should be solved while porting render nodes
to 2.5. Specially if the solution may be structural, it could avoid
re-work later.

Sorry if this is not priority or the focus of 2.5 now, but I felt like
writing :)


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